We don’t just film your wedding,

but preserve your unforgettable memories so you can relive them in the future

We don’t just film your wedding, but preserve your unforgettable memories so you can relive them in the future

What can I offer you?

I offer you a choice between 3 standard packages, which include photography, videography and combination of the two services. Because I adhere to the individual approach to each couple, each of the packages can be adapted to the requirements and needs of the newlyweds. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss and prepare your individual wedding package.


Duration of the Hire

10 astronomical hours


1 Photographer

Number of Photos

Between 600 and 1200 edited photos


For Print & for Social Media

Photo Session on the Day of the Event


Artistic Photo Editing


Drone Footage

Yes *

Delivery of the Materials

Online Gallery + Cloud Service (Google Drive or another Cloud)

Production Time

Up to 120 Days

1600 BGN


Duration of the Hire

10 astronomical hours


1 Videographer

Film Length

Around 90 min.


Yes (2 - 5 min.)


Full HD

Stabilizing Equipment



Microphones and Sound Recordrs

Drone Footage

Yes *

Video Editing


Color Correction and Grading


Delivery of the Materials

Cloud Service (Google Drive or another Cloud)

Production Time

Up to 120 Days

2000 BGN

* - Up to 40-minute flight for video and up to 20 minutes for photos, provided that the weather conditions allow for it.

Send me your questions.

I will be happy to answer you!

I make use of my equipment and skills in order to capture your precious memories!

I make use of my equipment and skills in order to capture your precious memories!

Additional Costs:

- Extra hire time outside of the package – 150 BGN /per team-member/ at the start of every additional hour (paid on the spot).

- Travel expenses (for wedding outside of Sofia) – 0.25 BGN/minute (e.g. for a wedding in Burgas – 400 km away from Sofia – 200 BGN).

- Overnight accommodation expenses (for weddings more than 50km away from Sofia) – 70-100 BGN or a room provided by you.

Additional Services:

- Second Operator - 700 BGN.

- Second Photographer - 700 BGN.

- Post-wedding photo session on a separate day, in an interesting/adventurous location - 150 BGN per hour (minimum time - 2 hours) - Like this one here!

- Video compilation of your wedding photos (Slideshow) - 200 BGN.

- Wedding album - 350 BGN.

- Express delivery of the ready materials (15-30 days) - 500 BGN.

- Themed Video Invitation – ranging from 200 to 600 BGN (depending on the complexity).

- Themed video with the newlyweds before or after the wedding – 400-1400 BGN (depending on the complexity).

- Delivery of the raw materials (photos and/or video) – 250 BGN.

- Confidentiality for the materials (distribution of the captured wedding materials on our website and social networks) – 50% on top of selected package.

More information on the Services in the Packages:

- Videographer/photographer – Each videographer/photographer films with a separate camera. The choice of 2 videographers/photographers allows us to film two distinct events unfolding at the same time or the same event from two different viewpoints.

- Duration of the film – We strive for the length of the film to be around 90 minutes, but often the length depends on the number of events and important moments in the wedding day. Including more things that happened during the day can prolong the film.

- Stabilizing equipment – It allows us to capture your wedding day with smooth and stable motions and no camera shake.

- Aerial shots – Drone shots have become an indispensable part of wedding videography lately. They can make the film more unique and will represent the event from a different perspective, as long as the weather and the location permit it on the day. The drone operator has all the necessary permits and certificates for the use of the drone.

- Sound – We will add a soundtrack and a mix of music and sounds, recorded on the wedding day, to the final film and trailer. If you wish, there can also be on-camera interviews or a voiceover.

- Film editing – digital editing, audio balance, color correction, video cutting, composition and sequencing, transitions and effects, audio effects and music.

- Color correction – The color change and correction allow us to create a more interesting and captivating atmosphere in your wedding film. The aim of this is to make your film look and feel cinematic.

- Trailer – In the making of this short video clip we include the most memorable and emotional moments from this special day, so that we can recreate what happened in just a few minutes.

- Delivery method – We deliver the finished film, trailer and/or images on Cloud service (link to Drive/Dropbox or another Cloud), but we’re flexible and if you insist on a different delivery method (e.g. hard drive, USB flash memory), it’s not a problem, as long as we arrange the payment for it.

- Photo editing - includes color correction and unified vision for all wedding photos.

- Artistic wedding photo shoot - We focus on interesting and unique photos and spend the time for them.

- Production time – You will receive the finished materials within 30 to 90 days after the wedding. Depending on our team’s workload for the particular period you will receive the finished materials within 60 to 120 days.

- Additional questions – if we didn’t explain any of the points clearly enough or if you have any other questions, we’ll be happy to offer you a free consultation on your wedding day, if you contact us by email or phone.

Terms & Conditions:

- The selected date is booked after a 200 BGN prepayment.

- The amount due is paid directly after the assignment is completed or within next 3 working days.

- It’s important for us to know how your special day is going to unfold. We will meet ahead of it in order to come up with a schedule, which must be finalized no later than one week before the wedding.

- The captured footage can be published on social media and on our website and be used for the purposes of various competitions without the explicit consent of the individuals featured in it, as well as without any additional compensation.

- If you require confidentiality of the film footage, this must be arranged in written form in advance.

- It’s required of the client to provide the film crew with a table and a couvert for the restaurant.

- The raw footage and the finished materials are kept for 60 days after their delivery to the client and are deleted at the end of this period.


Thank you for your interest in my work!

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